Getting what you want with NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

To Get what you want, You will need to know your outcome.

This is of fundimental importance when it comes to using Hypnosis, NLP or Hypnotherapy to create changes in all areas of your life. It doesn't matter what issue, it could be your health, your relationships, your career or your finances.

There are generally one or two reasons why people fail in achieve excellence in life that they deserve and not knowing what you want is usually high up in the list. We don’t mind if you don’t know HOW to get it yet (if you did you would have probably got it anyway), anyone who has achieved anything in history will not of know how to achieve it yet, they did however know what they want.

A great quote “You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." --Martin Luther King Jr

So think about it, if you could have anything what would it be? Come on be brave and dare to dream for a moment ~ Perfect health, Perfect Soul mate, Financial Abundances?  And remember don’t think what you don’t want like ‘I don’t want poor health’, ‘I don’t want another terrible relationships’ I don’t want anymore debt’

We see people every day telling us everything all the ways they don’t want in life, but never what they do want. And like the law of attraction what you think about, you bring about ~ positive or negative. So let's start in a different way? First of all we need to make sure what do you want in the positive.  Write down on Question 1, what you want. Be sure to make this specific, because when we are ambiguous or writing goals and outcomes in a very wish washy way, we get wish washy results. Who wants half an outcome. Its like asking for the wife or husband of your dreams and realising they are already a wife or husband of some else.  It just wont be pretty.

We personally deal with getting things 100% and we do this by being specific in know what we want. When we are specific i.e. I want £500,000 in the bank by this day/date/year or that I want my soul mate who has ‘x’ qualities, looks, personality and values, we then will attract that person. that financial sum. Lets be specific!

1. Stated in the positive.
“What specifically do you want?”

At this point I think its also a good idea just to write down where you presently are. When we do this it sets the goal posts and we know the difference between our current situation and our very own outcome.

2. Specify present situation.
 “Where are you now?”

Thirdly we must get even more specific with our outcome. By the way I say outcome rather than goal because people do not always achieve goals, however they will always achieve an outcome no matter what. So right now imagine having your outcome.
What would you see, hear and feel? This will give you and mind the convincer that you have achieve your outcome. And guess what, if you do this just right you will be feel amazing feelings, seeing excellent pictures having achieve your outcome and hearing what you would be saying to yourself with enthusiasm and excitement of your achievement and then that will cause your unconscious mind to think ‘hell yeah I want this outcome’ and in turn will attract and act out those opportunities and motivations for personal excellence.

And further more it will convince you that your at your outcome. Make sure your are really associated into the outcome, as if you have your outcome right now and make it so compelling that it excites you. .  Remember when you go there in your mind you go their in your body.

So go a head and write in the following:

Specify outcome.

1) “What will you see, hear, feel, etc., when you have it?”
2) Specify evidence procedure.
 “How will you know when you have it?”
3) Is it congruently desirable?
 “What will this outcome get for you or allow you to do?”
4) Is it self-initiated and self-maintained?
 “Is it only for you?”
5). Is it appropriately contextualized?
 “Where, when, how, and with whom do you want it?”
6). What resources are needed?
 “What do you have now, and what do you need to get your outcome?”
 “Have you ever had or done this before?”
 “Do you know anyone who has?”
 “Can you act as if you have it?”
7) Is it ecological?
• “For what purpose do you want this?”
• “What will you gain or lose if you have it?”

• What will happen if you get it?
• What won’t happen if you get it?
• What will happen if you don’t get it?
• What won’t happen if you don’t get it?

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