Overcoming your Gambling Addiction using NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Overcome your Gambling Addiction

It has been said that one of the most dangerous of all the addictions, that is after drug and alcohol addiction, is the addiction to gambling or betting. It can if not addressed take all the money and relationships you have. Many billionaires all over the world lost their whole financial wealth to gambling. Getting strongly addicted to gambling will break the economic situation of a person and is dangerous if you do not make a real effort to come out of it. When a person gambles they seem to forget the whole world because of the thrill it gives them.

So how can you overcome gambling addiction

If you are trying really hard to stop gambling but are still not able to come out of that illusion then here are some tips:

First acknowledge the fact that you are addicted, all addicted people try to deny this but to stop you have to acknowledge you have the problem of gambling. Make a conscious effort to come out of the gambling addiction.

It a real MUST that you have to stay away from any friends who encourage you to gamble. Keep away from the bookies and betting shops, on line betting.

Engage yourself in any other activity that keeps you busy and will not allow you to spend time on anything else.

Ask your friends and family members to support you and to help you come out of the addiction.

Try hypnotherapy in Cambridge. Luke, Paul and Joseph Clough, are hypnotists and hypnotherapists that have developed unique ways that can help you to change quickly. Express your trouble quitting gambling and try to understand the basic behavior and thought patterns that make you gamble. Through hypnosis you can change the thought patterns of your subconscious mind and thereby change some habits. You can get rid of chronic addictions.

Set a small goal and accomplish it. It will give you a lot of confidence in overcoming habits. When you are deciding to quit the addiction your mental patterns and old habits may become a hindrance in coming out of that way of life. You might get some thoughts that are like this:

Do I have to really stop gambling?

I didnít lose much till now why should I leave it?

I may become rich if I continue this.

What if I play just once and then stop.

I will quit it next year.

I will not gamble from now but watch my friends do that.

Be careful. These thoughts lead you to the same vicious circle and it goes on and on. It is time to face the reality in life in order to save yourself and relationships. Prepare an action plan and act accordingly. Realize the fact that there are a lot of people all over the world who have quit gambling without any issues. So it is not impossible if you try hard. Try harder and harder till you completely quit. Just see the difference it makes after you win your battle over your addiction. You can have a better life, richer life, good relationships and a lot more if you quit gambling.


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