Overcome your fears or phobias of Flying Fear with NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Overcome your Flying Fear

There a so many who do not travel or enjoy holidays because they are afraid to travel in a plane due to a phobia called aviophobia. This phobia or fear can easily be seen to produce panic attacks, nausea and also vomiting. As well as Hypnotherapy you can do some things yourself to overcome this fear if you put some conscious efforts.

Overcoming that fear of flying

After you have acknoledged the fact that you have a fear around flying, simply ask yourself "what exactly frightens yme in the aspect of flying?"

People have very different aspects in relation to their fear for some, being locked up in the plane without any way to get out may scare. For some the sound of the engines as they increase in thrust may scare them.

For some the height in which the plane is from the ground level may be the scaring element.

One of the major fears the situation which is not under thier control. There are many types of thoughts that occur to a person suffering from this phobia. They are negative thoughts of fear that can run around in our mind, over and over again as if in a loop. "What if the plane crashes?" and so on are the various doubts that occur in the mind of the person who has the fear.

So what can you do to get yourself completely acquainted with the various aspects of the fear.

You may wish to choose to use relaxation techniques to overcome your fear. See what thoughts come to your mind when you are facing the fear. Face the reality. Relax your mind. Hypnosis and learning self hypnosis will not only calm the flow of thoughts in your mind but also let go of the fear too and build confidence.

Without one of our unique phobia sessions you will have to be ready to confront your fears. Gather all courage and get ready to go for a short air travel with all your family members along with you. This can be daunting so you may wish to seek out hypnotherapy.

Express your fears to your family members and seek their support. Ask them to co operate by being beside you when you are afraid.

You may wish to consult Joseph, Luke or Paul at here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy your hypnotist and seek advice. Rarely will you need some counseling to know more about your fears and how to overcome them as Hypnosis will get to the core very quickly. In fact Joseph was on ITV1s Tonight TV show letting go of fears in 10 minutes. We at Cambridge hypnotherapy have cured many people from different phobias. You can relax in the presence of a therapist and express your fears on a one to one basis, you can also feel free to tell your past so that the hypnotherapist may conclude the roots of the fear in your mind. Know that you can alter the way you think by changing the pattern of you mind. You can also resort to some medication that is prescribed by the doctor.

In modern world, one needs to travel in air for a lot of reasons. May it be for business or on job purpose one needs to travel in a flight to reach the destination on time. So living with the phobia may prove a hindrance to ones progress. So it is better to admit the phobia and get it cured as soon as possible before it is too late.

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