Unlock your anxiety & Fears NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Fear and anxiety of Hypnosis

Recently, we had a client come to us and they were so frightened of being, going into trance or hypnosis it even affected listening to a simple 10 minute hypnosis CD. It also affected their thoughts of how the therapy sessions would go and making all kinds of pictures in their head of being uncomfortable and not getting the changes they really want. This is not usual but not exceptional, we all have our own perception of hypnosis from films or stage shows etc and the thing is when done well in a therapeutic situation nothing can be further from the truth. Unfortunately it has to experienced to break this misconception. (By the way we do this really well and really quickly!)

Hereís the thing ~

I have been in trance all my life, thatís right all my life! And the thing is so have you! Every moment of the day we are is some form of trance and in some ways itís our job to undo the trances you have been living which no longer serve you.

Technically we could call it getting back in rapport with a true self or being totally aligned and congruent. Itís only when we notice how far out of alignment or out of rapport with ourselves do we notice it. How? Because it doesnít feel good, it may feel that weíre not being ourselves (you may hear people actually saying things like that)

Sometimes itís because it doesnít feel good we can be scared of hypnosis or hypnotherapy because we think of hypnosis as being zonked out, out of control or something else which is so far from the truth. Itís because we live in trance(s) every moment we forget we can control the trance we live in. Thatís where can come in and help you enjoy changing the way you feel to how you want to feel in a given context or how to change a belief that you may had for most of your life that really no longer supports you. You heard it right ENJOY CHANGING. You see we know if youíre in a good state you can change your world instantly and with seemingly little effort ~ itís not magic but it can be magical. This is not the case with all therapies but it is the way we have developed our way, our philosophy or our particular niche and it just seems to work.

All change and behaviour is unconscious so the only real way of changing the way you feel or behave/act/your habits is using your unconscious mind. Hey thatís using hypnosis or NLP or time line therapyô! ~~~~ Hey thatís what we do.

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