Exam stresses an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Easy Ways To Overcome Exam Stress

Isn't life one big ongoing test. Way before the exams arrive many students begin to get very hyper and anxious, some almost work themselves into stress. This is a real time of stress and we would not deny that but very often it amounts to nothing we eventually come to the end of that period of our lives and if not controled you will be at the losing end. Wouldn't a better approach to overcome exam stress be to learn how to manage the stress? inthis way you do not focus so much on failing or all you have to remember in overwhelm and your mind is more at ease. The art of stress management can be used right through life, as at any given point in time one will have to be in effect taking and being given tests. The earlier you can learn to handle and overcome the stress that that involves the better. As you know, in order to climb the ladder there is a test at every rung.

You can decide to either learn to manage stress or become a bundle of nerves whenever any examination approaches, the choice is simply yours and your alone. The higher you climb the more difficult the tests become, yet you are more experienced each time so take look at stress as stress and learn to overcome it.  you cannot avoid taking a test; it is required to check how much you have learnt and ifyou are ready to move up higher. It is age old and there will continue to be tests till the end of time. You need to overcome fear in order to move on and climb the ladder as mentioned earlier. There is an answer to overcoming exam stress; A process of learning we at Cambridge Hypnotherapy use called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), this method deals with the mind on a subconscious level as this is where the fear that causes stress resides, so you can see this dealing with the root of the problem.  It deals with other issues that are stress related as well like memory retention; it helps broaden your ability to concentrate and also helps at the time of taking the test as well. 

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