How Hypnosis helps Driving tests success

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Hypnotherapy for passing your driving test

Hypnosis has been used to increase peoples skills and learning for such a long time and I often wonder why more people do not use the benefits of hypnosis and NLP to become a better driver and be at their best for their driving test. Every time I hear the cost of failing a driving test and having to re-book weeks down the line and all those additional lessons I wonder what all that costs in a finacial way, the additional time that has to taken off for lessons and next test and all the emotional worries and anxiety that haunts.

So here are some ways you can begin to do things yourself.
Firstly take a little time out before you beigin your lesson or test to think of what you will gain by passing, how will that make you feel? Just for a momemt transport yourself into the future and be there haing just passed and feel what it feels like. Then when you go to get in the car remember this feeling, just this feeling.

Visualisation is always a great thing to do and don't expect to see everything in your mind with 20/20 vision ~ most people don't. Break down your lesson or test into small chunks and visualise just that small piece by first as if you are watching a movie of yourself doing it just right. When it's right then imaging floating inside you in that movie and experience doing it just right and notice how it feels now.

I know this will sound a little silly but BREATHE. Practise breathing comfortably so when you get into the car you can begin to breathe comfortably before doing anything else.

We have had clients who were literaly sick with worry on each lesson, maybe the extreme of experience but nevertheless horrible for those affected.

Another question I ask is how come some people can drive really well on their lessons yet come to the Driving test they lose it. Lose all thier skills and it's all down to driving test nerves.

We here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy seem to have developed a way to really help judging by the successes of our clients.

"Having failed my driving test for the third time through nerves, I decided to contact Cambridge Hypnotherapy before taking another test. After just two sessions with Paul, my nerves have abated, not only while driving but also when faced with other potentially nerve-wracking situations. I passed my test with flying colours and now feel ready for anything! I'm even looking forward to the next big challenge! My friends are already commenting how much calmer and less stressed I seem and I really feel that way, so thank you Paul." KC Cambridge

"Just to let you know that I passed my test. I was so relaxed about it all that I couldn't believe that it was really me. It's taken me 11 years of lessons and 10 failed tests, so I can't thank you enough. It really has been the only thing I wanted in my life which I had never managed to achieve; so aside from the driving itself, it means a lot to me. I'll give my instructor your details incase he comes across any other nervous drivers ." - EJ (Cambridge)

So what is this unique thing/way we have developed that helps to get results like the ones above?

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