Developing self confidence NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

How to Develop Self Confidence with a Hypnosis and NLP

Self confidence is the feeling of assuredness in oneís ability and power. It is the way one puts across oneself without the fear of othersí judgment. We Bleieve there are two main factors that influence the self confidence. One is self efficacy and the other is self esteem. Self efficacy comes when you master a particular skill and achieve something through it. It gives certain level of confidence that makes us feel that if we work hard in an area we are sure to succeed. Self esteem is more about the peoplesí approval of your actions. So when both self efficacy and self esteem are in place then developing self confidence is easier.

Developing self confidence:

Some would say that positive thinking is vital to increase self confidence. A personís level of self confidence is shown in many ways-behaviors, body language, the way a person speaks and so on. Gaining self confidence takes some time if you lack it. It takes your realization that you are a normal person who is worth something. So here are some tips:

Identify your main insecurities. If you are feeling ashamed of something, then what is it? Try to identify that. What does your inner voice say? It could be anything. It might be your looks, appearance, complexion, height weight or any other physical attribute. Or else it might also be qualities in you that are not up to the mark which can make you feel inferior. Just identify them and write them down on a piece of paper.

Never feel that you are inferior: whatever the reason might be, your work or skills or attributes, make it a point to stay away from the belief that others are better than you and are more qualified than you.

Talk to your near and dear: if you have any confidence issues talk it out to your loved ones so that they might be able to boost your confidence by speaking about what is good in you.

Is anybody perfect in this world? No, nobody is perfect. So donít hit yourself hard for not being perfect. Even the most super confident personalities around you suffer some insecurities deep down in their hearts. So donít expect the Mr. Perfect attitude to be your goal to attain some confidence.

Discover your abilities. Everyone is good in a particular skill. Discover your talents and focus more on them. Inferiority is nothing but a state of mind which makes you feel that you are not as good as others. Everyone is good at something.

Love yourself. Start loving yourself and donít lament if somebody lets you down.

Be positive. If somebody gives you feedback, donít feel inferior or imperfect. Feed back is just the area of opportunity where you can work more and do better.

Accept yourself as you are with all your plus points and negative traits. If you love yourself then others will also tend to do that same.

So this way there are many ways to develop self confidence and become a better person. All you need to do is put in some efforts and start working on it.

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