Dealing with Chronis pain ~ NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

How Hypnosis can reduce and help alleviate Chronic Pain

At Cambridge Hypnotherapy we get the question about pain control and using Hypnosis a fair bit. Clients will call to ask naturally you can control, change and resolve psychological problems but how about the pain of the biological body?

Well to us it's pretty simple.

It's been known for a long time that your mind and body is completely interconnected. Long gone are the days that we saw the body as a machine which is separate from our mind. It's easy to understand with the following examples:

How many depressed people do you know that have lots of energy and can't stop getting things done? None.

Or you might consider how many amazingly fit people are depressed? Few.

Why because when the mind is depressed the body also becomes depressed. And vice versa when our body is fit and energetic our mind tends to be the same.

So how can we manage our pain?

Well the pain that we have is a signal to us that a part of the body is hurt or injured and its needs our conscious attention - after all if we didn't feel the pain we would do more damage to the injured body. The pain also tells us we need to rest and heal ourselves, so the pain puts us out of action until we are back to our healthy selves.

Sometimes however our body sends us too many signals even when we have received the communication to rest and we are resting. Also sometimes there is psychological pain, hence sometimes when we have been through psychological trauma our body can have many sypmtoms from shaking to even vomiting if the event makes us sick to the stomach - that emotional pain can stay with us if we don't choose to work on it.

Through Hypnosis we can:

- Get back in control of the pain so that we can manage it and even turn the pain down - having just the right amount to let us know we need to be careful

- We can also resolve the psychological aspects of the pain which then resolves the physical pain.

- Change your focus to excellent health

After to all, if we change our mind we change our body, if we change our body we change our mind.

Hypnosis can be the key in reconnecting us to the control over our unconscious processes such as pain to achieve our outcomes.

You are the conscious goal setter and your unconscious is the goal getter. So if you set your mind and focus on pain you get.......pain. If you set your mind and focus on control and health you get.........freedom.

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