Getting back to Cause and taking resposibility an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

Itís so very important that we donít play the blame game in this game called life.

So many people in life play the blame game, saying things like ĎIts not my fault that I have a poor financial situation, unhealthy relationships, an unfulfilling career or my health is not up to scratchí and so many more excuses we have all heard. We may have used them ourselves! 

Now we are not going to blame people for thinking like this because is the way we have been taught and in the short term it can be quite nice as it gives us the reasons why we havenít got our life in order. It is a way that lets us off the hook and directs that energy to some external person/situation/physical object rather than themselves. We've all been there countless times.

Those reasons for why you may not have your life the way you want it are a just fundamentally excuses. We are sorry to say it but reasons are just a form of excuse to why you havenít got something, arenít they? Itís like living your life as an Effect due to external reasons, rather being at the Cause of your life. If you keep on living life be at Effect you only continue to re-affirm that you have reasons/excuses for where you are, which means you stay were you are and expect more of the same to the point that you are resigned into that way of thinking. It really means you are waiting for something or someone and the bottom line to this is ~ How long are you prepared to wait ~ Forever??? It narrows our choice and freedom. Ultimately you are hypnotising yourself to stay the same! We need to turn that inside out.

Imagine now, if we put ourselves steadily in the position of taking responsibility for our state of affairs. To realise that you can be at Cause and its no one elseís fault. To really take responsibility for your past, your present and future, what does that do? How would that change the way we act in our life? Just thinking it's possibel, and it is, feels good, doesn't it?

Well firstly it gives as the power back into our life to change our health, our relationships our career. Knowing that no-one gave us those limiting beliefs, those limiting decisions, poor health, attitudes. In some way we chose (probably at the unconscious level) to take them on and manifest them in our life. It can be hard to grasp, but by doing so we can undo all our conflicts.

If we continue to blame external things or people it causes us to feel bad, have resentment, hate and anger. But if we take responsibility for our situation it means, we can change it, if we donít though, we wonít. Even if you strongly feel it is some ones fault, I suggest that you start thinking differently.  Itís no longer someone elseís fault, itís longer out of your control. We can no longer have any true excuses. When we get to that point of acceptance, we can take back the control, when this happens we have the power to change what we donít like, knowing we are the Cause of our life. 

We all know that to every Cause or Action causes an effect or reaction of some kind. If Iím emotionally beating myself up day after day after day, it may cause the effect of depression.

If we are at Cause it gives the responsibility and ability to change to get results.
If we are living at the Effects of live, we have reasons (Excuses)

If we choose to move from the Effect (Reasons/Excuses) to the Cause (Taking responsibility) side of the equation it gives us the power to change any area of life.
To me that is empowerment. It puts you back in control of your destiny, it allows you to no longer accept anything less than the way you want it.  You maybe thinking ĎJoseph thatís all well and good in theory, but practise?í

Itís easier than you think, as you go through the days, weeks and years now realise that you are in control. Realise you are the creator of your life, this are your perceptions. Take that responsibility to know that itís not anyone elseís fault, not anyone elseís responsibility to change. Take on board the notion that you are in control of your mind, therefore your reality and your results.

Personally I take responsibility for everything around me in my life as I know when I do this; I also have the power to change it. I am open and flexible to change and the results rather being closed off from true options we have. If you start taking responsibilty our mind finds the answers and ways around problems.

There are many studies that have conclusively shown that people who take responsibility and be at Cause for their own live and have a sense of being in control of their reality feel happier, healthier and ultimately more likely to achieve overall success.

This mindset has only been known by the successful few compared to the whole population... The people who have mastered their life in all areas, they knew the secret of empowerment. I would say 95% of the population go around in there life oblivious to this knowledge and stuck blame game mindset of ĎIím not in control; I have no power to make changesí. Itís just the way we have been taught. Unfortunately they become slaves to what they perceive to be true. When I found this out it truly changed my life to the point that I had control over my destiny. It no longer depended on anyone or anything else. When I took that responsibility for my past my present and future I saw a new perception of boundless potential I had been deleting. What are you choosing to delete?

Who else might have of had choice and took responsibility for their life?

Do you think Rosa Parks in 1955 took the responsibility to not be made to stand on the bus? She saidĒI have learned over the years that when ones mind is made up, this diminish fear; knowing what must be done does away with fearĒ

How about Martin Luther King, he took a stand for what was right, not to create reasons for why he and fellow African Americans were 2nd class citizens. He went to be at Cause and took the responsibility
ďThe time is always right to do what is right.Ē

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
Winston Churchill

So being at Cause means you take responsibility and that is empowerment... There are now no buts. Every successful person in business who has made millions our of nothing never knew how to get were they wanted, and never let the power be out of their hands, they took responsibility to find the way, no matter what.

We always tell our students on our NLP and Hypnosis trainings and all our personal clients that we are a caring people,Iwe want to help as any people as we can, and you also need to know that we do not care about excuses or reasons for not having your life the way you want it.We would however invite you to give up arguing for your limitations. Ask yourself ďwhat would happen if you did now?Ē

We have no problem with other forms of therapy, We like the groups that come together and talk about their issues, itís a great start and we truly believe they have there place in society itís vital. We also believe that we must stop saying Ďits alright, itís not your faultí. This will give people the crutch and the reason to hold onto those issues and not feel empowered. What would happen if we gave them the possibilities and the control to change themselves?

We remember when we first learnt this mindset of being at Cause; it was so powerful that when we applied it into our lives, it meant that we have the ability to change things. It gave us the power to have freedom of when we thought we were out of control. The ability to no longer just be a product of what happened through out our lives, instead turn that round that we could see everything of our reality was something that we created and also that we had the ability to change if we were not happy.

Joseph Clough

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