Anxiety, feeling anxious a quick tip ~ Hypnotherapy in Cambridge

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

I like reading other peoples blogs and the other day was reading about anxiety and some bloggs were just being sensationalist and talking about people in the music world etc. The thing is we all, yes all of us, you, me, everyone some time or other suffer from anxiety in some way or other. For some people it seems to motivate themselves or propel them into action but I think that this is an extreme way to motivate. It seems to us that anxiety may be seen as a simple message from our unconscious minds to prepare for something and in that way have an intention to protect us and keep us safe.

One or the presuppositions of NLP is that Ďevery behaviour has a positive intentioní and although the intention here is great, anxiety doesnít make us feel safe or protected. So as we teach unconscious minds here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy ~ Keep that positive intention and find another way, an empowering way to behave. Knowing how to do this is our speciality which we developed and it works!

Itís great to read advice that comforts those who suffer from anxiety. Thereís so much we can read from the internet and if we are careful in what we choose to read there are some very caring people out there sharing.

The thing is we all suffer to some extent although I guess when we feel really anxious we feel isolated and the only person in the world feeling like this.

Hereís a tip When you begin to feel anxious close your eyes and remember a time when you felt in control and confident, a time when you succeeded. See what you saw then, hear what you heard and feel those feelings. Open your eyes and take some action ~ Now!

This simple way that I hope helps, a sticking plaster or quick fix

If you however feel anxious often know that you can be helped to deal with those negative feelings easily and comfortably~ If not here with us then thereíll be someone near to you that can help

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