Attract financial abundance

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

You can’t possibly attract financial abundance, can you?

Isn't it strange that some people can seem to attract money with ease and others have to go through hell and back to just get by and even fail at that.

You might say, a a lot of people do, It's just luck?

Or is there a difference between the two types of people, the poor and the rich?

It is a fact that 10% of the population earn 90% of the money in the world. Why is that?

Well, more and more research is being undertaken on how our beliefs and attitudes affect how we attract money into our lives. If we take a closer look, there seems to be a science of focus being unearthed.

Here it is, Here's what is being found to happen ~ are you ready?

Whatever you believe and focus upon, day in and day out, you begin to project and attract into your life. Some people are calling it the power of your intention or the law of attraction.

Whatever you want to call it, let’s dig a little deeper into the subject to see what we can find and use ourselves shall we?

If we have beliefs like “I don’t deserve Money” or “Getting money means hard work” they ultimately become ingrained into us at an unconscious level, and the belief becomes reality. In the same way we now can walk, drive a car or do daily habits as if second nature. And it’s exactly that, second nature is just something which has become unconscious.

Unconscious beliefs and values which are negative towards money like this will hold back the attraction of money and wealth into our life, as we are not congruent in becoming wealthy. When were we ever taught to ‘think wealthy’? We were just told to get a trade and get security.

However, what would happen if we had beliefs which were:

“Getting money means more time to enjoy life” “I attract an abundance of money and wealth into my life”

By having these beliefs it means your unconscious mind can start working for you, rather than against you. It can attract and project those situations and opportunities in your life. So what you think about, you bring about. 

I have personally installed powerful beliefs into my life that allows me to trust my intuition, develop stronger mindsets, resources and commitment toward my own ultimate well being and financial freedom. 

Since Hypnosis and my own techniques work directly with the unconscious mind to resolve such money issues, we can tap into our unconscious to develop new powerful mindsets and attitudes toward money.

Being free of limiting beliefs and negative associations towards money, means we can develop positive thoughts, beliefs and feelings to attract Money.

Here’s my top tips to earning the money that you deserve.

1)     Know your outcome. (Not what you don’t want - like ‘I don’t want to be in debt!’) How much do you want and by when. i.e. £20,000 savings by Day/Month/Year. Make it achievable, but not too far in the future.

2)     Visualize the amount you wish as if you had it right now in your life. Imagine what you would be seeing with all that money, what you would be hearing, and what would you be feeling. Do this before you sleep and wake up for 15mins a day. Visualize it as if you had it right now.

3)     Brain Storm - Start thinking of new ways of increasing your income. But hey, don’t push it, take 10 minutes a day and just doodle ideas if need be, think of it as fun and your creativity time.

4)     Believe it will happen, have that un-wavering faith and trust.

5)     Take action – look out for and act out on opportunities. The more you act the more you achieve.

6)     The hard part – receiving it! and put it to good use here’s how it works, invest 10%, give 10% away and save 10%.

When will you choose financial freedom?

Let me know how you get on, will you?

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