Agraphobia an NLP & Hypnosis Article

By Paul, Joseph and Luke Clough

How to Overcome Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is a depressing condition and is associated with panic attacks. Many people think that it is just fear of being in open spaces. But there is more to it. The person suffering from agoraphobia fears the loss of control and will hesitate to come out of home which is a secure place. So to get rid of agoraphobia one needs to learn to be calm when one is not in control of the place or the situation.

Everyone feels uncomfortable when something is not in control; but the people suffering from agoraphobia worry beyond a limit and suffer panic attacks the moment they find a situation or a place out of their control. Most of us do not have a problem staying in public places as we know the level of risk or randomness in that. But a person suffering from this phobia tends to break down

How to overcome agoraphobia

We at Cambridge Hypnotherapy have developed a very comfortable way to let go of phobias. Using as NLP with both Time Line Therapy (tm) and Hypnosis as a basis we have a unique and gentle way of assisting our clients not only to rid themselves of their phobia but to feel empowered for the future. Creating a wonderful experience of how change can be is achieved in as little as 2 sessions

There are some therapies to cure agoraphobia. They are:

Behavior therapy: This works if the patient feels home with the person curing him. In this treatment the patient will be exposed to a situation which will scare him to a particular extent just to get him used to the normal situations. For some people this therapy works but for some it is too scary and they run away even before the treatment is over.

Cognitive therapy

In this treatment the patient needs to lie on a couch and express his situation or his problems. This might be a bit uncomfortable for the patient if he doesnít feel secure. It is a bit expensive too as the patient needs to fix an appointment and also pay as per the number of sessions or sittings of the therapy.

Relaxation techniques

It is helpful in some cases but not in all the cases. Learning how to relax makes the patient focus on his fears and analyze them a bit. These relaxation techniques should be used in combination with any other treatment as this alone may not prove well for many people. But for some, these techniques go a long way in curing the phobia. All fears arise in the mind and if the mind is controlled everything can be controlled. So this way meditation can help a lot in changing the pattern of a mind.


This method will enable the therapist to alter the patterns of the mind up to a certain extent. The therapist hypnotizes the patient and slowly convinces the personís thoughts about the reality. The hypnotist sometimes takes the patient into a trance and then tries to know the patterns of the mind in the patient.

This way there are various therapies to cure agoraphobia and one can opt for the one that suits convenience as well as the personís nature. Overcoming agoraphobia involves the patient taking control of thier life and accepting the reality.

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